Industrial Demolition and Scrap Metal Salvage

Industrial Demolition of factories and salvage of scrap material for recycling

Industrial Demolition and Scrap Metal Salvage

Scrap Metal Salvage

One of the most important parts of industrial demolition work is ensuring the leftover waste is appropriately disposed of. At Novacastrian Demolition Services, we handle all your waste disposal at EPA approved facilities as well as salvaging any scrap metal on site. Scrap metal salvage is an excellent way of reducing waste and giving valuable materials a new life.

We recycle at a minimum rate of 85 per cent for all materials demolished on site to be directly re-used or sent to local end users to be refined and resold into local markets. Timber and steel are resold for processing and shipping mills located in Port Kembla.

At Novacastrian Demolition Services, our team has completed numerous industrial demolition jobs across Newcastle, Sydney and the East Coast. This includes factories demolition works from removing supersix roofs to the complete demolition of factory frames and other buildings such as schools, warehouses, parking lots and more.

Using shear attachments and a range of other precision tools, we ensure every industrial demolition is done safely from start to finish.

Reliable, Professional Industrial Demolitions

When it comes to demolishing factories and industrial buildings used as oil refineries, chemical facilities and manufacturing plants, we understand the surgical approach required to safely demolish and dismantle these buildings. We have also been involved in processing and removing high voltage electrical towers located on various sites including crown land.

Regardless of what kind of industrial demolition work you require, you can be sure our approaches are systemic, detailed and controlled. We can also assist in coordinating the safe removal of asbestos and ensuring the site is clean and free of hazardous materials once the work is completed. We also ensure the surrounding areas and habitats remain intact and minimise any impact on flora and fauna.

scrap metal salvage

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  • "Thanks NDS, See you on the next one" July 2017

    Mark Wyborn , Assets Officer , Property and Business Development, Lake Macquarie City Council
  • Thanks for your time and patience in running through all this with me this afternoon. Thanks again to Novacastrian Demolition for your very professional handling of this waste removal job.