The trusted name in demolition for industry, insurance and domestic clients in Newcastle, Sydney and all along the East Coast of Australia.

At Novacastrian Demolition Services, we are the trusted name in demolition for industrial, insurance, commercial and domestic clients in Newcastle, Sydney and all along the east coast of Australia. Our experienced team goes above and beyond to work professionally and get the job completed on time and on budget.

Building Demolition and Strip Out

Whether you need a complete or partial demolition of a building, you can count on the team at Novacastrian Demolition Services. From stripping out offices and shopping centres to domestic and commercial building demolition services, our team can help.

Industrial Demolition and Scrap Metal Salvage

From removing supersix roofs and complete demolition of factory frames, our team has extensive experience providing industrial demolition services and scrap metal salvage services. We ensure the work is completed safely and minimise environmental impact.

House and Partial Demolition

Our home demolition contractors have been providing complete and partial demolitions for builders, developers and homeowners for the last 20 years. Our process adheres to all regulatory authorities, council regulations and EPA requirements.

Commercial and Residential Asbestos Removal

We remove bonded or friable asbestos according to OHS regulations and NSW Code of Practice, ensuring all our contractors are up to date with the latest approaches and are adequately trained and licenced to complete the work safely.

UST Removal

Our team is licenced and insured to safely decommission and remove USTs for service stations. We’ve removed tanks for numerous service stations as well as general tanks found on sites not previously known.

Site Remediation

We provide site remediation services for asbestos contaminated sites or sites impacted by other materials, arranging for all hazardous materials to be successfully transported and disposed at EPA license facilities.

Equipment Hire

You can hire a range of machines, trucks and waste bins from us. This ranges from the dry hire of dust suppression systems and bins up to 30 cubic metres in size to the wet hire of machinery with experienced operators and drivers.

Burnt Out Buildings and Insurance Work

When you need a burnt out house, building or factory cleaned up, you can count on our team to do it safely and professionally, documenting all waste materials and disposing of them properly. That’s why we’re trusted by insurance companies.

Garage Demolition

Novacastrian Demolition services carries out the removal of 4 to 5 garages per month. From shed building companies to general homeowners. We’ll ensure a garage is demolished or shifted efficiently and safely, especially when asbestos is involved.

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Safety is our top priority. Our team of qualified employees and contractors are known for their professional, safe and efficient approach to projects. They have extensive experience in full or partial structure demolition, strip-out works, site cut outs, site remediation, Super Six asbestos removal, materials re-use and waste removal.